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7 Reasons to Love Agave Fajitas!


You know that kind of hungry you get when you want a hot freshly-prepared flavorful meal, but you are not particularly craving a heavy carb-load of bread or cheese?  Yeah, we hear ya meat and veggie fans!  Don't worry. With these five sizzling fajita options, you are sure to find something to hit the spot!   

Think every fajita tastes the same? Not at Agave's Fresh Mex. We constantly reach for that next level to blend the traditional with our own unique twist. Like most of our dishes, all of our fajitas are served with rice, beans, sour cream, pico de gallo, and guacamole. But, that is where the similarities end.

  1. The Shrimp of Our Dreams - Fajitas de Cameron
    If you like shrimp but you want it to taste crave-worthy, may we suggest Fajitas de Cameron? Our chef marinates the shrimp in our secret recipe special sauce. The shrimp is served on bed of freshly grilled onions and bell peppers. We would like to tell you what is in the sauce, though we need a few tricks up our sleeves to keep you coming back!
  2. Perhaps Surf & Turf Is What You Are Craving With The El Patron Fajitas
    In the El Patron Fajitas platter, you will find four succulent scallops satueed in garlic butter.  Wait, is that a tongue-twister? Regardless, your tongue will be too busy to chat when you tackle the grilled New York strips with mushrooms, scallions and zucchini cooked in our special one-of-a-kind sauce. We make our chef sign a non-disclosure agreement for this sauce!

  3. Fajitas Mariscada Is For The Seafood Fanatics Out There!
    If you came to Ormond Beach to enjoy all the sea can offer, then the Fajitas Mariscada is the ideal dish with shrimp, clams, fish, calamari, and crab legs! We hold nothing back from our ocean cuisine, and we even toss in our chorizo or Mexican sausage for what we think is the zest to keep this dish on your mind until your return visit.
  4. The Not Too Sweet, Not Too Spicy Chipotle Fajitas
    Do you like a little spice in your life? How about a sweet AND spicy? Then, we will make the Chipotle Fajitas to satisfy both. You decide between grilled chicken, steak or shrimp, and we will sautee your selection in our own raspberry chipotle sauce to give it that kick from the chiptole together with the happy dance from the raspberries.

  5. Go Veg! - Veggie Fajitas
    This dish was created for our veggie-lovers! At Agave, we believe you should never argue with Mama when she tells you to eat your vegtables. Besides, we defy anyone who says veggies can't be both delicious and filling! We serve this overflowing platter with grilled broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, and zuchhini on a bed of onions and bell peppers. No meat needed for this hearty yet healthy meal! 

  6. Combinations Galore!
    Looking for variety? Explore more options with our combination fajita platters, such as the Fajitas Parillada with marinated chicken, steak, shrimp, pork carnitas, and chorizo. With five forms of perfectly seasoned protein, this dish could become a meat-lover's addiction!

  7. Low Carb Please...
    Avoiding starchy foods? No problem. Mexican food at Agave's is great for dieters! We use real ingredients you can pronounce in all our meals, and you can ask us to hold the rice and beans to help you stay on track. Our fajitas are so tasty, we feel certain you will not even notice the missing carbs. 

Try these fajita dishes, and see why our guests rave about Agave Fresh Mex! There are so many choices, we have to warn you our guests never get bored of eating out. On that note, are you not feeling the platter route? Chef thought of that too. That's why we serve fajita variations such as a fajita salad, bowl, burrito, taco, or sandwich. Your family favorite lunch and dinner spot just got a whole lot easier!
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