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Why You Should Have Mexican Food on Valentine’s Day


It comes around every year, but yet Valentine’s Day can sneak up on you. The problem is that related candies and gifts show up in the stores weeks prior to the actual date. That means we just get used to them and don’t give them another thought. To ensure that you don’t have to get traditional flowers or chocolates for your sweetheart on the morning of February 14th, you should consider making a reservation at our Mexican restaurant instead. Here is why we think you should choose Mexican cuisine for that special occasion.

It’s Affordable

There are many different restaurants you could take your significant other, too. Some of them are so fancy that you have to wear a Tuxedo to get in. Unfortunately, fancy doesn’t always equal delicious and filling – and it certainly doesn’t mean affordable. Mexican food is different. You can get a healthy meal filled with flavorful meats and healthy vegetables at a reasonable price.

When you take your sweetheart to a Mexican restaurant, you can suggest ordering desert or tequila – or both – without breaking the bank. You could still get them a gift to commemorate the special day, too. In short, you just get more for your money without giving sacrificing the quality or quantity of  your food.

It’s Healthy

Your partner may say that they want to indulge, but you know that they’ll be stepping on the scale in the morning and possibly regretting dinner and dessert. Fortunately, that won’t be the case with Mexican food. While Mexican cuisine is delicious and filling, it’s not fattening. That’s because it’s full of nutritious vegetables and always includes generous helpings of proteins. In fact, many dishes come with meat, beans, or both.

Going out to a Mexican restaurant is certainly better for your health than indulging in a box of chocolates, which are frequently given as a Valentine’s present. That’s partly because Valentine’s candy includes tons of sugar. Of course, it also has to do with the fact that you consume the chocolates in addition to your regular meal.

You Can Eat at Home

Maybe you want to spend Valentine’s Day at home this year. Whether you have young kids and can’t get a babysitter for that night or feel too worn out to dress up nicely at the restaurant, you can have a romantic evening in your own living room. However, if you don’t want to upset your significant other, you should take care of dinner. Ordering pizza is not a good choice, because pizza is anything but romantic.

Instead, just come by our restaurant after work and pick up your dinner order. This delicious dinner will be appreciated, and you don’t even have to worry about cleanup. If you want to make the evening even more special, put up some candles to make it more romantic. You could even open a bottle of wine and pick out a movie. The options are endless, and we’ll take care of dinner for you.

It’s Delicious

You really don’t need any other reason than this to go with Mexican food any day of the week: it’s just delicious. When you add the fact that you have many different options to choose from and can have a different authentic dish every night, there’s hardly any reason to go elsewhere. Mexican food is so delicious, because it includes a variety of spices and flavoring. Whether you order guacamole, fajitas, or tostados – your taste buds will get a chance to assimilate amazing flavors. It’s a treat every time.

How Mexicans Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Mexico with love, laughter, friends, families, and great food. Of course, this holiday doesn’t originate in Mexico. Valentine’s Day has its origins in Europe, supposedly in Rome. At the time, soldiers weren’t allowed to marry, because it was believed that single men performed better in battle. A priest named Valentine, a supporter of the Catholic faith, married couples in secret. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t have a happy ending. Emperor Claudius II sentenced him to death. On the day of his execution, he wrote a message to his sweetheart and signed it “From your Valentine”.

Today, Valentine’s Day is celebrated by giving cards and gifts to the people you love. And the stores are decorated with balloons and ribbons by the end of January. Since Mexicans are known to show affection, it’s no surprise that they’ve embraced Valentine’s Day and made it their own.