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Have a Margarita in Ormond Beach, Florida!


Whether it’s the weekend and you’re enjoying your days off or it’s a random Tuesday night, you can come to Agave Mexican Restaurant for a great-tasting selection of margaritas. You can sit at the bar and watch us mix them fresh for you, or you can sit outside on our patio and enjoy the scenery. Margaritas can be enjoyed alone, but they’re even better when it’s party or informal get-together. You bring your friends, and we’ll provide the food, drinks, and atmosphere.

3 Reasons to Have a Margarita

You can come to our restaurant and order an entree and soft drink without ordering from our selection of margaritas, but why would you? We can think of plenty of reasons not to skip the drink tonight, but we’ll just share the top three here with you.

It Goes with the Food

Mexican food is delicious, but margaritas and tequilas make it even better – and more authentic. Most connoisseurs agree that alcohol enhances the flavor of your food, as long as you get the right kind. With our large selection of margaritas, you’ll find the one that works best for your entree.

You Haven’t Tried Them All

If you haven’t tried all of our margaritas on a menu, you should have one tonight. Whether you prefer it to be sweet and fruity or hot and spicy, we have the right one in our selection that suits your mood tonight. Our margaritas are made with a variety of fruit, ranging from strawberries to blueberries and pineapples.

It’s Ice Cold

Summer is a great time to be outside, but you can’t deny that it gets rather hot in Ormond Beach, Florida. Fortunately, our margaritas are served ice cold – either blended or on the rocks. Icy drinks make even the hottest afternoons bearable, but we don’t blame you if you need to have more than one to cool down.

Introducing Our Selection of Margaritas

All types of margaritas have several things in common. They’re always served cold in a frosted glass. Authentic margaritas are made with agave tequila and agave syrup for sweetness. Authentic margaritas also include fresh fruit, which gives it additional flavor and sweetness. However, every margarita is different. At Agave Mexican Restaurant, we’re known for our creative blends. Here we’ll introduce some of the margaritas in our selection.

Fresandia Rita

Strawberries are a flavorful, sweet fruit that taste great in a margarita. Our Fresandia Ritas also include watermelon and agave nectar along with fresh lime juice and patron citronge. We serve this margarita with a fresh strawberry and plenty of ice. Since it’s sweet, you may even drink it fast enough to order another one or two. If you dare, you can even try out Spicy Watermelon Margarita instead.

Cadillac Margarita

All our margaritas are delicious, but this particular drink deserves its name due to its ingredients. We make it using Cointreau, agave nectar, and fresh lime juice. Give it a try to find out what all the fuss is about and why we think this is one of the top margaritas on our menu.

Pineapple Cucumber Rita

If you prefer pineapple over strawberries, you should give this Pineaapple Cucumber Rita a try. Made with fresh pineapple, cucumbers, lime juice, and agave nectar, this drink will impress. It’s served ice cold with patron citronge.

Berry Margarita

If you prefer your drinks to be darker in color, you might appreciate the Berry Margarita. Made with natural blueberry, agave nectar, and fresh lime juice, our bartender whips up this drink using Tequila Espolon anjeo. The blueberry add some fruity flavor, but it’s not as sweet as the strawberry/watermelon option.

Enjoy Your Drink at the Bar or Outside

Nobody wants to drink alone, but there’s nothing wrong with unwinding with an ice-cold margarita after a long, hot day at work. We provide the atmosphere and the fully stocked bar, allowing you to order your drinks just the way you like them. You can order from the full menu and have a burrito or just enjoy a small appetizer along with your margarita.

Our outdoor area also provides plenty of seating for small and large groups. If you want to have a relaxing or entertaining evening with friends and family, Agave Mexican Restaurant is the place to be. We’re proud of our margaritas and our extensive menu, and we invite you to come and give our drinks a try. During the day, our umbrellas provide you with plenty of shade, and we’ll serve your favorite foods while you enjoy your margarita.