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Mardi Gras Food Never Tasted Better!


When you think of the perfect Mardi Gras, you might picture yourself wearing lots of beaded necklaces and dancing in the streets of New Orleans as you watch parades go by and eat spicy Cajun meals like gumbo and jambalya with seasoned meats, rice and beans. Traditionally, Mardi Gras, which is French for "Fat Tuesday", is a time of savoring the last bit of fatty foods in Christian culture before the 40-day fasting period of Lent. Today, this is a season of pure joy and jubilation that offers a great reason for all people to come together for a hot flavorful meal and colorful conversations.  Still craving that Mardi Gras food? You're in luck because we know our way around dishes with seasoned meats, rice and bean at Agave's. Why not bring your friends and family to find the heat and flavor you desire at Agave's? Check out some of our Mardi Gras reminiscent selections below.

  • Start the flavor parade with appetizers and dips!
    Nothing food-wise says "Now, its a party!" like our appetizers and dips. For Mardi Gras, we suggest jalapeno poppers. We fill jalapeno peppers with cheese and deep fry them for that texture balanced crave-worthy bite. They are served on a bed of lettuce with a fresh raspberry sauce. 

    For dips to share, it was too hard for us to choose between our Mexican sausage and our seafood queso dips for this occasion. So, we will recommend them both and let you decide the Mardi Gras winner. Chroriqueso is our carefully blended cheesy queso dipping sauce with Mexican sausage called "chorizo" added for that extra kick that will make it stand out from your everyday queso. 

    If you love queso and hunger for seafood when you think of Mardi Gras, never fear. Try our seafood queso dip for the perfect cheesey start to your seafood dining experience. This dip compliments any one of our many seafood dishes like the Camarones Al Chipotle or the Fajitas Mariscada.  

  • As they say, "Some like it hot!"
    When you desire a walk on the wild side of spicey, try our Pollo a La Diabla. It starts out with chicken simply sauteed with mushrooms and onions.  Then, we bring the heat and a lot of it! While you can order this dish with our mild diabla sauce, we have a special hot diabla sauce for those who want to challenge themselves.

    We did not forget those who prefer our guajillo sauce. This sauce is made from guajillo peppers, and we use to add flavor to dishes like Tacos Al Carbon. In this entree, we turn four tasty corn tacos filled with your choice of marinated meat into a feast of extra fabulous! Served with queso fresco and a side of rice, beans, lettuce pico de gallo and guacamole, this signature dish was made for guajillo pepper-cuisine enthusiasts!

  • For those who want the spice to come with creative flare, we've got you covered!
    Allow us to introduce an entree that goes beyond the appearance of the typical Mexican fare. Think of the Molcajete as Mexico's answer to gumbo. This stew is made with chicken, steak and chorizo, which have been marinated with onions, mushrooms and tomatoes in our special mild sauce. The stew seems fairly common until we top it with fresh cheese, green onions, grilled jalapenos and grilled cactus. Yes, we did say grilled cactus! Different from your normal Mexican dish, yet so delicious! Ask us to add shrimp for a little more of that Mardi Gras spirit.

  • New Orleans may have their beignets, but we have churros!
    Churros are made from fried pastry dough, much like beignets. We serve them with ice cream and whipped cream. Then, we drizzle chocolate for that finishing touch of sweet perfection. Eat one and share the rest with friends or keep them all for yourself. We won't judge!

    Need more reasons to stay for dessert? Try our fried ice cream, sopapillas or Mexican cheesecake. Choosing between them can be tough, but keep in mind we can always box a second one up for a late-night Mardi Gras splurge! 

At Agave's, we pour a special blend of spices and other seasonings into our appetizers, main dishes and side items that we think envoke the true spirit of Fat Tuesday. Our desserts end the party with enticingly sweet symmetry. Happy hour begins at 2pm. Join your friends for drinks and stay for the parade of flavors that will make your mouth celebrate at Agave's. With spacious seating, multiple televisions, and food made with fresh ingredients, you might not be sad about missing that trip to New Orleans after all!