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Making Mother's Day Memorable at Agave Fresh Mex


While celebrating the amazing gift of your mom over Mother's Day this year, we invite you to join us at Agave Fresh Mex and Cantina. Why Agave's? Let's look at all the ingredients of a memorable Mother's Day meal, and we think you will agree Agave's is the place to be!  

  • Bringing The Family Together
    What do Moms really want for Mother's Day? If you asked your mother, we are betting her top request is to bring the whole family together for a visit. She probably would love to spend this day of family togetherness with her spouse and children. However, if feasible, she may also want to include her extended family where all the moms in the family can enjoy this day together. 

    But, with so many people, who will provide the meals? Moms deserve a chance to savor the conversation at mealtime as opposed to cooking and cleaning on this day. Therefore, finding a restaurant that offers the right atmosphere for a large crowd of relatives to kick back and enjoy their time together is important.
  • Spacious Seating For Large Families 
    The first think you might look for in such a restaurant is the seating capability of the space. Agave Fresh Mex and Cantina offers roomy dining arrangements both indoors and outside on the patio. Plus, if you set up a reservation in advance, you can be sure to have a big enough table to include the kiddies at the adult table. That is, unless you would like a kid's table, of course.

  • Relaxing Environment 
    Now, you have all come together to help this important person in your lives feel special. What else could a restaurant offer to assist with this goal? How about a casual atmosphere to spark conversation and help everyone feel comfortable? Talk about your memories, share photographs, post your selfies, and announce newly developing opportunities in your lives over delicious drinks and food with Agave's laid-back yet colorful decor. Everything about the Agave Fresh Mex experience from the flat screen televisions to the creative menu selection was designed for people to engage in conversation and relish being together.

  • Unique Cocktail Blends For A One-Of-A-Kind Mom
    With the seating and atmosphere covered, you are likely wondering about the drinks and food selection. If you want to order something traditional you know she likes or original to match how you feel about her, Agave's has you covered! For mixed drinks, our bar is stocked with the freshest fruits and spices because we know your mom would not have it any other way and we could not agree more. After all, at Agave's, we adhere to the saying "Mother knows best!"

    Need some drink suggestions? How about trying one of our Margarita inspired creations like our Pineapple Cucumber-Rita, Coconut Frape-Rita, Manga-Rita, or, for a little something extra, our Watermelon Spicy Margarita? There are so many drinks to choose from you may want to check out your options located on our menu online or follow us on Facebook to discover our latest highlighted additions. 

  • Food Made With Love
    Alright, drinks can provide a nice start to the meal and conversation. However, we need to tell you about the main reason your mother will want to come to Agave Fresh Mex and Cantina- the food! The menu offers a wide variety of authentic Mexican cuisine, such as our tacos, burritos, fajitas, and quesadillas, as well as our chef's own artisan take on the Mexican fare, like the Enchiladas Durango or Tacos Al Pastor.

    Does she usually opt for food that is on the healthier side? We have a varied selection of salads, meat-lover dishes and vegetarian-friendly entrees on our menu. Your wait staff can also assist you with any allergies or special requests.

So, now that you know Agave's can accommodate all your mom's wishlist for a Happy Mother's Day, you can set up your reservation today online to celebrate Mother's Day at Agave Fresh Mex. Whether she is craving something she knows she loves or she wants to try a new dish, it is our pleasure to offer such a wide array of choices. Whatever she decides to order, we are proud to say she can order with confidence. Our food is prepared with love and real ingredients you can pronounce, just like Mom does at home. That's right. The spacious seating, engaging atmosphere, and generous portions of delicious food she will remember eating with her family- it's all mother approved at Agave's! Make Mother's Day memorable this year at Agave Fresh Mex and Cantina.