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Healthy Mexican Food to Order for Lunch Today


Making healthy food choices can be difficult, especially when faced with eating out at a work lunch or special event. But you shouldn’t be afraid to step outside your house to enjoy a healthy meal! Mexican food is a great choice because most dishes are already packed with tons of protein, healthy fats, and whole foods that go hand in hand with a healthy diet. As long as you know what foods to substitute and which you can indulge in, your meal can be a piece of cake. (Not literally though, let’s not get too crazy.)


As far as appetizers go, it can be pretty easy to fill up and ruin your entire appetite on one order of mozzarella sticks. That’s why traditional Mexican food such as guacamole is an excellent choice. Avocado is full of healthy fats and nutrients that support a healthy diet and when paired with cut veggies they are a great way to curb cravings while you wait for your main dish to be served.

Another great choice is plain salsa with cut vegetables or soft tortillas. Salsa is almost entirely made up of vegetables like tomatoes, onions, and garlic and is a great source of vitamin C. The added spice of some salsa will also give your taste buds a kick and help you stay away from some of the unhealthier options like nacho cheese. Choosing soft tortillas instead of fried tortilla chips is also a good substitution as it keeps you away ingesting unnecessary fats and oils. Plus, it’s delicious!

Soups and Salads:

Tortilla soup is a great healthy alternative to most traditional choices. It is filling and full of healthy whole foods like tomatoes and corn. You can nix the fried tortilla strips if you want but a little indulgence never hurt anyone, and if there is ever a time to indulge, soup is a good choice.

Salads always seem like the right choice when you are watching what foods you eat, but you have to be careful of everything that gets added on. Avoid creamy dressings and substitute salsa, or if you are set on some ranch, blend them together to give your salad some creaminess without losing flavor. Also, give up the crunchy taco bowl and choose tortilla strips mixed into the salad instead. Substituting beef and pork for grilled chicken is also an excellent choice that doesn’t require too much effort or loss of flavor.

Main Dishes:

A popular, healthy, and incredibly delicious choice is chicken fajitas. This dish is already full of protein and whole vegetables that will make the entire table envious. Avoid sides like sour cream and instead fill up on that salsa and guac. You can even substitute flour tortillas for soft corn tortillas to take off a few calories and carbs. This is also a great option for gluten intolerance and you can even nix the tortillas altogether and just enjoy the delicious chicken and veggies.

Beans are an amazingly healthy option for a protein substitute and contain plenty of fiber. Refried beans often contain added ingredients like lard so it is usually best of substitute them for a healthier choice like pinto beans or black beans. A bean and rice burrito is a wonderful choice, or you can substitute rice for added vegetables. The options are limitless when you choose dishes based on flavor instead of filling your plate. If there’s one thing you can count on when choosing Mexican food, it’s that you won’t be giving up flavor!


Tequila! The most famous Mexican drink of choice is actually one of the healthiest alcohols out there. Since it is made with agave there aren’t too many extra calories so you can enjoy it without feeling too guilty. Mix it with a club soda or seltzer with lime for a refreshing and low sugar choice. Or go ahead and order that margarita, but ask for it on the rocks so you can avoid the added sugar and calories from the blended versions. If you do enjoy blended margaritas, order a regular version instead of a fruit one.

Out of all the restaurant choices out there, Mexican food is actually one of the easiest to fit into your healthy diet. By making just a few simple tweaks to some of the traditional recipes, you can enjoy loads of flavor and protein without ruining your whole diet. Even if you aren’t counting calories, these options are still delicious ways to incorporate whole foods into your day.