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Go Green on St. Patty's Day at Agave's Fresh Mex!



Happy Hour Drink Specials At Agave's: 

2 for 1 - Drafts ALL DAY EVERY DAY

2 for 1 - House Wine 2 pm to Close

2 for 1 - House Sangria 2 pm to Close

2 for 1 - House Margaritas 2 pm to Close

2 for 1 - Wells Drinks 3 pm to 7 pm

$7.99 for 10 Wings (Drink Purchase required)

Bottled Beer: Domestic $3.49 Mexican $3.99


With a colorful ambiance, spacious seating, and, of course, a large selection of flavorful green menu items to avoid being pinched by any lurking leprechauns, Agave's is the place to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! Need more information? Read about some of our favorite green dishes that are sure to satisfy all of your St. Patty's Day cravings. 



  • Chicago has their green river. We have our Green Iguana Rita! 
    What is St. Patrick's Day without a few drinks? Traditionally, prohibition was lifted only for St. Patrick's Day in Ireland. Therefore, we recommend starting your celebration with our hand-crafted Green Iguana Rita. We blend espolon anejo and Patron Citronge with agave nectar and fresh lime juice. The final layer of distinctive flavor in this succulent beverage is the floating Chambord. Be warned, you won't find this tasty beauty elsewhere! Not only do we use real ingredients in our drinks and food, but, if you Google "Green Iguana Rita in Ormond Beach", you will find Agave's is the only restaurant listed in the returned search results. Join us for happy hour starting at 2pm. We can't wait to hear what you think of our St. Patty's Day drink!

  • The perfect dip and appetizer to start any St. Patrick's Day party!
    While sipping your Green Iguana Rita, you and your friends may need something to curb your appetite until your main entree arrives. Our Table Side Guacamole and Jalapeno Poppers should be on everyone's list of shareable foods for this occasion. Jalapenos, cilantro, pico de gallo and, naturally, avocado make this green creation a fan fav. Not all guacamole is alike. When you order this dip at some places, you cannot be sure of the ingredients or freshness. At Agave's Fresh Mex, you will see us prepare the Table Side Guacamole dip in front of you with real fresh ingredients.
    If a bit of a peppery kick is what you're after, try our Jalapeno Poppers. Stuffed with cheese and fried until they come out ready for that perfect first bite of balanced texture and flavors. Served with our sweet raspberry sauce, this appetizer pairs well with any of our happy hour drinks for a little zing that leads to a lot of wow! 

  • Make it green yet nutritious, light and delightful, please!
    Eating green while watching your waisteline could not be simpler with our Aguchilies. This seafood medley in this dish is cured in real lime juice and seasoned with our secret blend of intense spices. Topped with avocado, this dish is so yummy you might make green your new favorite color! For the same base ingredients with less spice, request the Agave Ceviche. 

    True, most restaurants have a variety of salads and to eat on St. Patrick's Day. The question is, are their salads as refreshingly distinguishable as our Agave Style Salad? There is nothing boring or ordinary about this salad when we mix romaine lettuce with black olives, black beans, red peppers, baby corn, avocado slices, cherry tomatoes, spicy pepperoncini, jicama and your choice of feta or queso fresco.
  • Green food for dinner that isn't salad? Absolutely, and it's delicious!
    Dr. Seuss' Sam-I-Am character may have taken some time to warm up to green eggs and ham, though we think he would not have hesitated had the ham been covered in our green tomatillo sauce! Our Pork Chile Verde has chunks of savory pork covered in our special sauce and served with rice, beans, lettuce and tomatoes. This dish just proves how well green entrees can rock your taste buds!

    Want more verde options? Let our Enchiladas Verdes tempt you to the green side with a colorful twist on an old favorite. Your choice of meat is blended with our light green sauce and then freshly rolled into corn tortillas. We then coat the enchiladas with our green sauce and melted cheese in this familiar dish with a fun twist. This entree may also be ordered as a burrito with a flour tortilla. 

    Perhaps you were hoping for seafood? How about a variety of seafood? Then, you should order our Trio of Seafood. Chunks of shimp, scallops and crab meat are coated in our green sauce and rolled in your choice of tortilla. This dish may be created for you as a burrito, chimichanga, or two enchiladas.

Whether you are in the mood for green drinks, green food, or just a casual place with lots of space to meet up with friends, Agave's Fresh Mex and Catina is the place to be for St. Patty's Day! Instead of more of the same, try something new, colorful, and bursting with flavor. Let us show you why the locals like to start the party with us!