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What’s for Dinner at Agave Mexican Restaurant Tonight?


It can be difficult to decide what to order from our Ormond Beach restaurant, because there are so many options to choose from. Here we’ll explore some of our most popular platters and chef’s specials. Whether you’re in the mood for a taco, an enchilada, seafood, or salad, we have just the right dish for you on our menu. Below we’ll explore just a few of our tasty dishes and their ingredients.

Baja Enchiladas

This dish is made with corn tortillas, which are rolled up with your choice of meat. You can order ground or shredded beef, chicken, or pork for this meal. Cheese is melted to perfection on the tortillas. Then they’re topped off with flavorful “Baja” sauce. The entree also comes with a side of rice, beans, and vegetables as well as sour cream. If you like traditional enchiladas, you should give these Baja Enchiladas a try. The main ingredients are the same but the sauce is a creamy instead of tomato-based.  

Fajita Tacos

Our chef’s specials include our Fajita Tacos. This plate is filled to the brim with delicious tacos. They’re made with flour tortilla using either steak or grilled chicken. These tacos are prepared using fresh onions and bell peppers for optimal flavor. We also serve them with a side of lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and sour cream to combine as you like. Additionally, you’ll get a generous portion of our authentic rice and beans.

This platter is one of our most popular dishes for good reasons. It combines all the authentic flavors our guests look forward to when they order at our authentic Mexican restaurant. The platter will fill you up when you’re hungry, but you’re welcome to take the leftovers home and reheat them for lunch tomorrow.

Arroz con Camarón

If you like shrimp, you should try this platter of sautéed rice. This traditional Mexican dish combines two favorites: seafood and rice. The shrimp are prepared in their very own sauce with mushrooms and onions. They are served on a bed of rice with a side of lettuce, tomatoes, and shredded cheese. Unlike most Mexican dishes, this platter does not include beans.

Arroz con Camarón is a popular dish in coastal regions. Rice and seafood are heavily represented in Mexican cuisine for their bountiful availability and healthy flavorings. At Agave Mexican Restaurant, you can try this authentic dish without going to the trouble of trying to make it yourself at home. We promise it’s worth it!

Primavera Salad

Mexican food traditionally includes lots of fresh, flavorful vegetables. Our salads are no exception. They’ll give you an extra boost of vitamins and minerals, and they are fresh and crunchy, too. The Primavera Salad includes a plateful of Romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, apples, jicama, cranberries, fresh oranges, caramelized pecans, and avocado slices. To fill you up, we also include feta cheese or queso fresco.

For an extra charge, you can order this salad together with grilled chicken, steak, or shrimp. Salad is a great choice for dinner if you plan to have dessert or an appetizer with it. You may also like to eat a light salad to go with your margarita order. Finally, our salads are also popular choices during lunch hour when it’s too hot outside to eat a full entree.

Authentic Mexican Cuisine

At Agave Mexican Restaurant, we’re proud to serve authentic Mexican cuisine. Whether you order tacos or enchiladas, we make every dish using only the freshest ingredients. Our chefs prepare your entire meal from scratch in the kitchen, even using traditional cooking utensils, such as the molcajete for making delicious guacamole.

We think it’s important to let you have a choice with every meal. That’s why many of our entrees allow you to choose which type of meat you prefer. For example, most burritos and tacos can be served with your choice of chicken, beef, or steak. Additionally, we serve a variety of seafood dishes as well as soups and salads.

If you’re having difficulty deciding, you can always order an appetizer or share several entrees with your fellow diners. We also recommend taking a look at our extensive drink selection. After all, authentic Mexican cuisine tastes even better with one of our ice-cold margaritas. You can enjoy any of our entrees and menu items outside on the patio, whether you’re here for a romantic evening or a large party of friends or family members. Like us on Facebook to learn about the latest specials!