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Cinco de Mayo – A Fun-Filled Fiesta!


May 5 is an important day in Mexican history, and each year, we celebrate it with food, family, and friends. Cinco de Mayo marks the day that Mexican forces claimed triumph over France in 1862 at the Battle of Puebla. While some people think Cinco de Mayo is considered Mexican Independence Day, it’s not. That day is September 16!

For generations, Mexicans have celebrated this day with music, parades, performances, and of course, delicious Mexican food. Over the years, the holiday has culminated into a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage in itself, with Mexican-Americans marking the occasion with multiple parties that including traditional folk and mariachi music, some of the tastiest foods, including tacos and tamales, along with icy cold, tangy margaritas and beer. You don’t have to be Mexican to take part in celebrating the beauty of Latin culture; getting into the spirit of Cinco de Mayo is for everyone! Here are some ways you can take part in this holiday rich with tradition.

Find out what Cinco de Mayo really means. Most people don’t mind any excuse to drink a delicious margarita or grab a tasty taco, but many of us don’t really know why this is a significant day in Mexican history. Educate yourself so you know why you’re celebrating! (not that tacos aren’t cause for celebration; they are!) When Mexico triumphed over France, it was a pretty big deal. This was because the French army was considered an unbeatable army, and even though their numbers were larger than the Mexican army, the Mexican army was still able to persevere on that fateful May 5. Now, let’s take a tequila shot in honor of the real reason for the celebration!

Take part in special Cinco de Mayo traditions and rituals. Some people like to dress up as soldiers from the Battle of Puebla, while others may enjoy wearing other Mexican-inspired clothing or costumes. Cinco de Mayo parties and parades are common ways to spend the day and evening with family and friends, and generally include decorating with red, white, and green shades to represent the Mexican flag, as well as enjoying native music and traditional folk dancing (don’t forget the mariachis!). A popular Mexican dance is called the “Mexican Hat Dance,” and it’s a lot of fun for kids and adults alike, and is widely considered the national dance of Mexico! Add a piñata filled with candy for young party participants!

Dive in to Mexican history! Want to know more about Mexico? Get online and find out more about this spectacular country and its history! Or, focus on Mexican artists, musicians, or other noteworthy people to delve deeper into the people and events that make Mexico so special, and so worth celebrating every single day!

Create Mexican crafts! This is fun to do with kids, but even adults can enjoy making handmade pinatas, papel picado banners using brightly colored tissue paper, or making handmade maracas with cans or bottles.

Attend Colorful Festivals! Cinco de Mayo is celebrated across the country in different ways. Some cities even put on giant festivals, including Chicago, Denver, and Portland. These city-wide celebrations honor pride, tradition, and Mexican culture and are packed with fun activities, music, dancing, and plenty of food and drinks. Of course, it’s no surprise that a big festival takes place in Puebla at the original battle site. The city is known for its food, and the yearly celebration includes a costumed reenactment of the battle itself!

Eat Amazing FOOD! Food is one of the most popular, and satisfying ways to honor this day in Mexican history. Indulge in your favorite foods, such as salsa, guacamole, enchiladas, and fajitas, or discover a new favorite by trying something you’ve never tried before. And don’t forget the Mexican beer! May we suggest a frosty Corona or tasty Dos Equis?

Want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with us at Agave Ormond Beach? We celebrate the deliciousness of Mexico every day with our homemade, handcrafted enchiladas, tacos, sauces, and burritos, and we’d love to shake our maracas with you this May 5!