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January’s Feature Cocktail & Chef Special: Fresandia Rita and Durango Combo


Looking to try something fresh and new this year? When it comes to authentic mouthwateringly good Mexican fare, you cannot beat our unique cocktail blends and chef specials at Agave Fresh Mex restaurant. We have tried and true fan-approved recipes that are one-of-a-kind just like you, and are guaranteed to shake things up from your average chain restaurant you find in most places.

This month, we are excited about featuring our very own Fresandia Rita that we think everyone should write it on their cocktail bucket list! The marriage between the sweetness of strawberries and watermelon mixed with the tart lime juice is exactly the sort of drink you want to stick an umbrella in for your picturesque day at the beach. Don't take our word for it. Give it a sip and see if you can put it down.  We think it's one to savor and remember for the next visit.

Fresandia Rita
Alright, so we understand your doubts as there are lots of typical spin-offs of the margarita in many nearby locations. With it being ranked as one of the most widely ordered mixed drinks in the world per an article in the Business Insider, it is not surprising there are some mainstream accepted variations.  

What you should be asking is how many restaurants and bars go the extra mile to produce uniquely crafted spin-offs like our Fresandia Rita with a perfect balance of all-natural fresh strawberries, watermelon, agave nectar, fresh lime juice, Tequila Milagro and a hint of patron citronge? Wait, did someone say "all-natural" and "fresh" fruit?  That's right, real fruit for a difference you can taste.  Safe to say you could start a blog just on our mixed drinks alone!

Google "Fresandia Rita", and you will see us pop up without even having to enter Ormond, Florida.  No sponsored ad needed to be on top when the talent to craft is that good.  For us, it is all about creating something new that gets people talking from places both near and far.  

Order this drink or one of our many other equally clamour-worthy beverages from our spacious patio for a more casual atmosphere or sip it with friends while watching the game on one of our many televisions in the indoor dining area.  Just make sure you are ready for your close-up because you might feel the impulse to upload to Snapchat for this one!

Durango Combo

Need a little bite to eat with that new favorite drink that will make you want to return to Agave again-and-again? How about a big bite? At Agave, we also believe our meat lover guests will be taking selfies with our popular chef special, the Durango Combo. No autographs, please!  Well, maybe the chef's.  Let’s delve into what makes this creative masterpiece postworthy.

When you ask yourself what makes a combo platter the “Go to” choice for dinner, you probably think of surf-n-turf or maybe mixing tacos with burritos. At Agave, we keep the classics and then we challenge our chef to step it up a notch. The result is a blend of delicious creations that beg to be featured on our blog. 

How does charbroiled chicken combined with a perfectly cooked skirt steak where both are professionally seasoned with traditional Mexican flavors sound to you? If we are being honest, it makes us drool a little at the mere thought. We are betting you will join our passion for this dish as soon as you take your first bite.

Are you in the car heading this way yet? Well, no main dish is complete without a side-kick or two.  What if we add a side of rice, beans, lettuce, pico de gallo, and our famous freshly prepared guacamole? Now, we're talking!

Come to Agave and try our featured blend of the ideal cocktail, Fresandia Rita, and our chef’s choice for this month’s unique platters, the Durango Combo. Once you arrive at Agave, you will find we have enough chef specials and original cocktails to suite everyone in your party! Return to Agave Fresh Mex and try all seven of our margarita concoctions and each of our 10 chef specials to see which one is your new “Go to” meal and mixed drink for your next trip to Ormond Beach, Florida. If breaking free from ordering the same meal or mixed drink at the same restaurants is what you crave, Agave has you covered!  


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