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When it comes to Mexican appetizers, nothing truly beats the ubiquitous chips and salsa…except salsa’s little sister, queso. Queso is a traditional Mexican dip that combines smooth, creamy cheese with spicy chili peppers and tomatoes to create an irresistible, addictive cheese dip that goes perfect with fresh, hot, crispy chips.

Though regular queso is simply cheese, tomatoes, and peppers, there are variations on the traditional dip that make it even more exciting, such as Choriqueso, which is queso mixed with sausage. Other types of queso include Queso Blanco, which is made with smooth, white cheese, or spinach queso, which has the addition of fresh spinach.  Queso is an integral part of most Mexican dinners, and once you take that first dip, it’s easy to see why. At Agave Ormond Beach, we offer two different types of queso, and once you read this list of even more reasons to love queso dip, we’re sure you’ll be ready to grab the nearest chip and take a dip!


Let’s face it, dips are fun. They are also easy to eat, and you don’t need silverware or even plates. Just grab some chips and dig in! Finger foods make a great appetizer, and even kids love digging in to delicious cheese dip (it pleases even the pickiest palates!)


Anytime you aren’t sure what to bring to a party or get-together, chips and queso saves the day. Everybody loves the spicy cheese dip, and it’s an easy to make, easy to take party food that’s perfect for game day, birthday parties, or movie nights. It’s also a go-to appetizer for any Mexican meal. At least in the South, queso is synonymous with football, so if there’s a game on, there should be queso right next to the buffalo wings! You can cool queso in a crock pot and then leave queso in the slow cooker all day to keep it nice and warm, and at the perfect consistency.


The cool thing about queso are the many ways you can make it. You can stick to the tried and true golden dip we all love, or you can change it up. You can create queso with cream cheese or white cheese for a rich flavor, or you can add shrimp, vegetables, or ground beef. Slice up jalapenos or bacon to jazz up queso dip, or mix it with hot salsa for a kick. The possibilities are endless, making this appetizing dip a win no matter what ingredients you add. While some appetizers contain meat, queso is vegetarian, so even those who forego meat can indulge in the delicious dip.

Add Kick to Any Dish

You can add queso to a seven-layer dip for a real treat. Spoon queso over nachos instead of or alongside shredded cheese for a cheese that pleases. Add queso dip inside a burrito, or over hot, steaming fajitas. Substitute queso dip for regular shredded cheese and see how your food comes alive. It’s even amazing with refried beans and sour cream! Queso also makes a great sauce for enchiladas, especially for kids who may not want spicy sauces or sauces with onions or meat. Queso over French Fries? Why not? Talk about a zesty, tasty treat!

There are clearly multiple reasons to love queso dip, and though the dip originated in Mexico, once it made the leap to America, it became a part of everyday life across the border. Now a part of every party, potluck, and Mexican dinner, the creamy dip is a classic, and it’s easy to see (or taste!) why!