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Which to Choose - Choriqueso or Table Side Guacamole at Agave?


All the appetizers are a hit at Agave, but deciding between these three can be difficult. The homemade cheesy goodness found in their two queso dips and the flavorful guacamole made right in front of you at the table all contain wonderful dip-worth blends of authentic Mexican flavors. So, to help you choose your winner, we have done our homework to tell you about the ingredients found in the traditional queso and guacamole dips. After reading about the ingredients in these long-standing favs, we want to know which you will choose at your next visit to Agave.  

Traditional Queso Ingredients

In Mexico, when you order a basic queso appetizer, you should find it has some basic ingredients shared by all authentic queso dips. There should be onion, garlic, lots of cheese, cornstarch, either half-and-half or some sort of cream, and green chilies along with jalapeños for a little kick. When you take a bite of the queso, it should be a warm and gooey comfort for any occasion. It pairs well with the saltiness of the chip, and the peppers offer a special zing at the end of each bite to prevent the dip from getting too boring. Shutter the thought! Not on our watch! Boring is never part of the equation with Mexican cuisine. That is one reason we all love the Mexican flavors, and queso exemplifies that fact well. Just when you think it is only a mere cheese blend, pow! A burst of “Hello” that keeps you interested in having another bite. Queso is a dip worthy of celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, the Super Bowl, or just everyday dinners in our spacious indoor or outdoor dining rooms. 

Agave’s Own Choriqueso 

But, wait! Just when you did not think our queso could get better, we added chorizo sausage for a whole new dimension of flavor and depth! What is chorizo? Mexican chorizo is sausage made with fresh pork, not to be confused with the Spanish version traditionally made with smoked pork. Chorizo in Mexico is also seasoned with vinegar and chile peppers where the Spanish version uses garlic and Spanish smoked paprika called pimenton. Here at Agave, we take the authentic Mexican cuisine to a new level with our Choriqueso appetizer! Try a couple bites, and let us know if it has become your chips’ new bestie!

Agave's Seafood Queso Dip

Oh, that's right! We went there! If chorizo sausage is not what you desire because, after all, you are at the coast, then get your fill of seafood delights added to our queso with this dip that combines a taste of Mexican comfort food with the best flavors from the sea. Thick pieces of crab, shrimp and scallops cooked to perfection come together to enhance our traditional queso in a whole new direction. For the seafood enthusiast, this is a must!

Traditional Guacamole Ingredients

Sometimes, the best dishes are made with simple and delishious ingredients. We know you will not surprised to learn traditional guacamole recipes share these versatile commonly used ingredients. These ingredients are avocados, cilantro, jalepeno, tomatoes, red onions, fresh cilantro and lime juice. With ingredients like these, it is easy to see why this appetizer is a crowd pleaser that is often served at parties.

It may look easy to make, but the key to a great guacamole dip is creating the perfect balance between the cilantro, lime and peppers. A careful measurement is needed here. Too much lime can overpower the dish where too much pepper can leave you wanting water instead of more dip. Watch us prepare the dish in front of you at your table next time you are at Agave's Fresh Mex by ordering our Table Side Guacamole. We will demonstrate how to produce the balance of flavors our family has been making to satisfy guests' cravings for over a decade.

Other Popular Appetizers To Try At Agave

While ordering your dips to share, you may also want to try our other appetizers. Jalepeno poppers are filled with cheese and those spicy peppers that are fan favorites, and served with a sweet raspberry sauce because we agree a little spicey goes well with a splash of sweet.

Sticking with the fried theme, we proudly offer flautas for those chicken and beef fans. Shredded meat of your choice is carefully placed inside a corn or flour tortilla with red sauce and cheese. Then, we roll the tortillas, fry them to get a crispy texture, and serve them with lettuce, sour cream and guacamole. It is the ideal crispy savory dish sure to please your entire family.

With so many dip and appetizer options at Agave, we know you will find just the right one to share with your friends and family. We pride ourselves on making authentic Mexican cuisine with a unique twist and the freshest ingredients around. Stop by for our locally revered happy hour with margarita blends you will not find elsewhere and drink specials that will make you want to order our dips and appetizers to share with all your friends!