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From across the border came some of the most delicious food our country has ever tasted, and though we’ve managed to put our own spin on things (such as Tex-Mex) the bottom line is that everyone loves amazing enchiladas, chips and salsa, burritos, tacos, fajitas, and quesadillas. Though sometimes it’s a treat to eat out and have someone prepare a perfect Mexican meal without lifting a finger, as we do at Agave Ormond Beach, sometimes, you want to fix your own feast. Mexican cooking blogs can lend a hand, as well as advice, tips, and recipes. When it comes to fabulous fajitas and terrific tacos, tune in to these scrumptious sites for more information.

Muy Bueno is more than just a blog filled with recipes; there are videos, family stories, and even cool Mexican crafts. This blog has it all, and it’s led by Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack, a noted food blogger and chef. She’s written two cookbooks, one on food and one on Mexican cocktails, and the website is a refreshing combination of old, traditional recipes, as well as newer, more modern Latin Fusion recipes that Yvette has developed herself. Keeping her family’s culture alive was her reason to begin the blog and write her cookbooks, as well as pass down the family recipes to her children as they get older so the family legacy will continue to flourish.

Mexico in My Kitchen - This food blog offers a traditional take on Mexican food. Run by Mely Martinez, a teacher and food blogger, the blog focuses on delicious Mexican meals. Mely even offers back-to-basics tutorials for those stumped on the classics, like salsa, homemade tortillas, tamales, and chorizo, for the cook who is learning from the beginning. She also has a YouTube page where you can see the recipes come to life and watch hands-on tutorials that make cooking the classics easy and fun. 

Mexican Food Journal - One of the most popular Mexican food blogs is the Mexican Food Journal. This site is considered essential for Mexican home chefs and offers some of the most delicious standbys in Mexican cooking, such as Red Enchilada Sauce, Salsa Verde, and Picadillo. This comprehensive site is well thought out, and offers interviews with professional Mexican chefs, lots of photos of food, and many recipes and techniques that will take the frustration out of Mexican cooking. There’s even a list of recommended food markets and taco stands, as well as an option to sign up for cooking classes with a pro, either in person or through Skype! 

The Curious Mexican - Enjoy looking at beautiful photos of mouthwatering Mexican meals? Then The Curious Mexican is a filling option that will satisfy you! This blog’s food photography makes the meals look so good you’ll be running into your kitchen to create them! Everything from stuffed poblano peppers to Mexican hot chocolate make the list, and many modern takes on traditional recipes, too. There are also reviews of Mexican restaurants, and recommendations of everything from taco stands to coffee shops. Follow the chef, Anais, on Instagram to get daily deliciousness in your news feed, along with cooking tips, advice on everything from cookware to utensils, and of course, creative Mexican recipes. 

Pati’s Mexican Table - Helmed by Pati Jinich, the host of the award-winning show, “Pati’s Mexican Table” this blog is authentic and delicious! The Mexican-born and raised Jinich offers recipes from her hit TV show as well as standard Mexican cooking techniques and tools to use in the process. She also discusses the basic ingredients you should use to craft traditional and tasty Mexican meals such as tamales, enchiladas, and mole, as well as salads, soups, and desserts with Latino flair. Videos make step-by-step cooking simplistic, and of course, you can order either of her two cookbooks from her blog. She’s definitely considered an expert on Mexican fare, and it’s a perfect blog to keep up with, whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced Mexican chef.

Now, how about putting up your feet with a margarita since you’re done in the kitchen?