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The Best Valentine's Day Meals are Served at Agave's!


When you think of Valentine's Day, the traditional candy and flowers comes to mind for a reason. Your wife or significant other likely has that perfect sweet treat in mind that only you know about. Couple that with her favorite flowers, and you are sure to receive an adoring smile of appreciation. Oh wait! What about dinner?!? You want the night to be full of surprises, but does she want a fancy expensive meal where you have to dress in your Sunday best? What if she is hoping for an intimate meal at home? Do you make a reservation for the whole family or leave the kids at home with a sitter? Deciphering romantic expectations can be tricky during this holiday of celebrating love. However, if you can bring the flowers and candy, we can help with dinner. 

Posh and Expensive or Relaxed and Flavorful?

The first question regarding where to make dinner reservations is to decide if she wants to eat at that place you have to book months in advance and you will need a freshly pressed suit? Or, is she the sort of girl who gets more excited about the idea of a laid-back relaxed evening of reminiscing where your suit and tie are optional? If she likes the pricier restaurants, then the selection just became clear. However, if you answered the relaxed atmosphere, read on to find the answer you seek for the perfect Valentine's Day dinner.  

Sticking With New Diet or Going For The Heavy Carbs?

Alright, so we know she wants a fun night filled with swapping stories in a more casual setting that won't break the bank. Now, what type of food does she prefer? Is she on a diet? A word of caution, please do not ask her if you do not know the answer. Besides, you have no reason to stress. If she is avoiding carbs or looking forward to a warm tortilla, Agave Fresh Mex has many dishes she will love. Fans of chicken, beef, seafood, or lots of vegetables, will find a favorite here!

You always get a good value at Agave's where offer loads of meats and veggies with each dish, and the best part is you do not have to be afraid of her wanting to stick to her diet because there are many dishes she can select without having to give up her New Year's resolutions. Mexican food is great for people who would like to go out to dinner while not wanting to feel defeated on the scale the next day. So, go ahead. Make your worry-free dinner plans at Agave's today!

Eating Out or Staying In? 

With Agave Fresh Mex, you can make a reservation to dine in or tell us to pack up your food to go. This way, she gets the romantic night she has been dreaming of with great food, no stress, and the setting of her choosing. We recommend calling ahead for a reservation just in case she is in the mood for stepping out on the town.

Happy Hour or Dinner Only?

Speaking of a night out, at Agave's, we enjoy celebrating with loved ones. Therefore, we suggest starting your evening off a little earlier with one our original margarita blended cocktails or many drink specials during happy hour. Don't believe our unique cocktails are everything our guests chat about in their posts? Google Fresandia Rita and watch us pop right up!

Happy hour starts at 2:00pm every day. Try any of our refreshing beverages and add 10 wings to your drink order for only $7.99. Enjoy two for one drafts, house wine, house sangria, or house margarita until closing time! Leaning more toward the well drink side? Two for one well drink specials are available between 3:00pm and 7:00pm. We take our time to make each drink specially for you, and we believe the prices may be the reason you come yet our passion for using real ingredients will make Agave's your go to place for all your future celebrations.

To Bring or Not To Bring The Kids? 

With prices like those at Agave's, why not bring the kids? You can share the love with the entire family. Let everyone participate in the spirit of the holiday with our table side guacamole and one of our own chef-created specials. Made with fresh authentic ingredients, you will feel like you crossed over into Mexico for a private getaway. Oh wait! The kids are here! On second thought, maybe hire a sitter and bring them next time when you return for more of the inspiring flavors you will come to crave after experiencing Valentine's Day here with us.

We certainly think the choice of where to celebrate Valentine's Day is easy! At Agave's, you can start early with touted cocktails and appetizers before moving on to a meal that is sure to please dieters and non-dieters alike. Finish the eve
ning with your choice of five desserts, such as Mexican cheesecake...yum! All of this at an affordable price in a spacious dining room where you can relax and unwind. Now, that is our idea of the perfect Valentine's Day!