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Memorial Day Family Meal Topics at Agave Fresh Mex


Talking about the importance of Memorial Day with kids can be challenging. Mealtime is a great opportunity to speak to children in a more relaxed and casual atmosphere where the food keeps their bodies occupied and their minds fixed on the conversation. Agave Fresh Mex and Cantina will provide all you need for that ideal Memorial Day topic setting so that you enjoy your time with your family without worrying about the preparation time and messy clean up. Here are some ideas on how to introduce the reason behind this holiday during the meal. 

History Of Memorial Day
Memorial Day began as "Decoration Day", a day to appreciate freedom and the service of the fallen soldiers in the Civil War days who died protecting that freedom. It became a federal holiday coined "Memorial Day" in 1971 following World War I to honor all fallen American soldiers from any war. In order to allow for a three-day weekend for federal workers to spend this time of remembrance with their families, the holiday was set on a Monday. Today, Memorial Day is a time to reflect on the cost of freedom and the importance of remembering those brave men and women who fight each day to secure our nation and preserve our rights as American citizens.

Teaching Children About Heroism And Sacrifice
When speaking with your children at mealtime, it might be easier to explain the sacrificed lives of soldiers and others who fought for our civil rights and freedom we enjoy by letting them bring their favorite hero toys to dinner at a restaurant like Agave's with a relaxed casual atmosphere. Letting someone else prepare a delicious meal can help you slow down and take the time you need to explain difficult topics like sacrifice without having to worry about cooking and doing the dishes. Plus, we only use fresh real ingredients in our food. So, Mom will surely approve!  

Some examples of fictional heroes children love are Disney princesses, Star Wars characters, or DC Comics characters like Iron Man or Wonder Woman. Ask them to look for their absolute favorite in their toy bin. Once you have placed your order for the meal, ask them why they think those characters are considered heroes. This will open up the conversation, and you may be impressed with the answers you receive. You can use this time to segway into the topic of sacrifice by asking if the character has to leave anyone they love at home while they try to protect the world or universe, depending on the character. Inquire if they think the character was scared. Recall a time when you were scared to do the right thing because it cost you something you cared about like a friendship, time away from your family, or a significant amount of money. 

Why We Appreciate Our Heroes 
Now that your food has likely arrived and your children understand a little more about what sacrifice and bravery means, it may be a great time to explain why it is important to do the right thing and be brave in between bites of perfectly seasoned meats and veggies. Let the children come up with ideas about what would have happened in the fictional hero's story if he or she did not protect the people. What might life look like for those people who could not defend themselves?

What Life Might Be Like For The Families Of Heroes
In keeping with the fictional hero topics, it may also be nice to think of the hero's family. What must it be like for them to stay home and wonder if their loved one is alright? Talk about how the families of these heroes often impact the lives of their community by serving others as a way of helping to honor their loved one's efforts to protect and improve the living conditions of the people they serve. 

Things People Can Do To Help Support Our Armed Forces 
It's dessert time, and you have had some great conversations about what it means to be a hero and why the sacrifice of heroes is directly linked to the freedoms we enjoy each day. Granted, they understand this from a fictional point of view. However, the wheels are starting to turn, and you can bet they are absorbing these lessons more than you know. Over dessert, you could wrap up your meal topic with some thoughts they may have on what the super hero might like others to do for him or her to show their thanks and support.

Perhaps, the characters might like their families to be looked after by the community to make sure they have food, clothing, and a means of transportation to their schools or jobs. Maybe the characters would like a special note of thanks from kids at the schools. It is always fun to discover the world of service through children's eyes. They can be so creative! Check out more ideas on ways to support our troops and their families by clicking here.

Children have wonderful imaginations, and we think you will hear some post worthy responses to some of these sub topics as you begin to tackle the challenging notion of the importance of Memorial Day. As long as the conversation is in a casual relaxing setting like that at Agave Fresh Mex and Cantina and you do not have to worry about distractions like making the food or paying an expensive dining bill, you are sure to enjoy these growth moments. You might even find eating at Agave's in order to focus on catching up with your family and discuss additional interesting topics becomes a new tradition you and your family will look forward to on a frequent basis. At prices like ours, you can dine here anytime!