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Interesting Facts about Tequila and Margaritas


At Agave Mexican Restaurant, we love our tequila and our selection of margaritas. After all, they’re part of the Mexican cuisine and make a fine addition to any of our dinner options. Today we’ll explore some interesting facts about these beverages.

Tequila Won’t Give You a Hangover

One of the bad things about drinking alcohol is that you may be left with a pounding headache afterwards. If you drink the watered-down tequila that is often sold in stores, you can get a hangover, too, if you’re not careful. But that’s not the case with 100% pure agave tequila. If you drink in moderation, quality tequila won’t make you regret the evening.

Nobody Knows Where Margaritas Came From

There are a lot of stories about the origins of margaritas, but nobody really knows how they came to exist. One rumor says that an American socialite named Margarita Sames created the drink purely for her friends in 1948. Tommy Hilton, who was one of the party guests, then added the drink to the bar menu at his hotels. The rest was history.

Another story claims that a man named Danny Herrera made the drink in his restaurant in the 1930s or ‘40s. He experimented with tequila to please Marjorie King, one of the showgirls that worked there. Since Margarita is the Spanish version of Marjorie, legend has it that he named his final creation after her.

Tequila Is Good for Your Health

It’s nice when something you like is good for you. Surprisingly, tequila is a healthy drink. It’s made with agavina, which is a natural sugar that comes from the agave plant. Agavina triggers insulin production and lowers your blood sugar. This means that even diabetics can indulge in a few drinks of tequila occasionally, whereas the high sugar content in other drinks makes alcohol a bad choice otherwise.

Tequila can also lower your cholesterol. The ingredients of tequila lower triglycerides in the blood, which reduces your cholesterol. Since tequila is great for your blood sugar and your cholesterol, it’s not surprising that it can help you lose weight. The original weight loss study was done on mice and helped them shed their excess weight, but there’s no reason why it wouldn’t work on humans, too. Give it a try!

There’s a World Margarita Championship

Margaritas are so popular that there’s a world competition in their honor every year. The event is hosted in Tucson, Arizona, where the best bartenders of the world compete for the championship title. It’s hosted by the Tucson Originals and the Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance, but the visitors also get to vote for their favorites in a People’s Choice category. It may be worth attending to try margaritas to your heart’s content.

Americans Love Margaritas and Tequila

The United States is the number one importer of tequila. They account for more tequila consumption than their neighbor Mexico. But tequila isn’t the only drink that’s popular. Americans consume 185,000 margaritas per hour on average. The South accounts for the majority of the country’s margarita sales. And while margaritas remain popular today, they were already named ‘drink of the month’ back in December of 1953 by Esquire. Cheers!

Tequila Can Be Used to Make Diamonds

Scientists come up with interesting experiments. It’s unclear whether they drank tequila beforehand, but physicists at the National Autonomous University of Mexico discovered how to make artificial diamonds out of tequila. They noticed that tequila contained the perfect ethanol-to-water ratio for the process and proceeded to evaporate the tequila and heat the vapor up. After the vapor achieves 1400 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s directed to a stainless-steel tray, where it creates a diamond film. These diamonds are too small for jewelry, but they can be used for industrial or electronic purposes. The scientists found that even cheap tequila can be made into these diamonds. But since you can’t replicate the process at home, you might as well just have a drink in their honor.

Real Tequila Comes from Mexico

Did you know that tequila must come from Mexico to deserve the name? If you created your own tequila at home or imported it from any other country, you would just have to call it an agave spirit, which doesn’t sound nearly as impressive. The same is true for champagne, which must come from the Champagne wine region of France to receive the official title. Of course, that doesn’t mean that an agave spirit would necessarily taste any different.