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Why Our Customers Love Agave Mexican Restaurant!


If you love Mexican food, you should come by Agave Mexican Restaurant, because we offer great food and excellent service. Additionally, we have a great selection of tasty margaritas and other drinks that you just can’t miss. But don’t just take our word for it. Instead, find out what our customers have to say about us. You can also add your own review on our Facebook page.

The Food
When you choose your favorite restaurant, it’s usually based on their menu selection. At Agave, we have an extensive menu. But more importantly, we make all our food with fresh ingredients right here in our kitchen. It’s no wonder that it tastes so good. As some of our customers say, this is the best Mexican restaurant in Volusia county. Raquel below really loved our Durango platter. Thanks for the glowing review!

This customer Randi also loved our food. We don’t know which food was ordered, but maybe it was one of our featured dishes, such as Fajitas Parillada. Regardless of which dish you try at our restaurant, you’ll find that they’re all very tasty, using traditional Mexican seasoning. You can always ask your waiter for more information about a dish you’re considering, too, such as how spicy it might be.


The Service
Great food is certainly part of the equation, but excellent service is important, too. At Agave Mexican Restaurant, we’re proud to have attentive waiters and waitresses who help our customers have an enjoyable experience. This includes helping you select the right item from the menu, refilling your drinks when they’re empty, and doing everything we can to make your evening relaxing and enjoyable.


We love being part of the community, too. While we closed our doors as Irma created a path of destruction, we opened back up as soon as we could. Of course, we still have happy hour specials and our regular menu to impress our customers, in addition to our friendly service.

The Drinks
You don’t have to tell your dining partner that you’re coming to Agave for the drinks. We understand. After all, what’s good Mexican food without a margarita? But you may want to try some of the other options on our drink menu. For example, we have some tasty homemade Sangria that is sure to get your evening off to a good start.


Of course, you can also combine your favorite drink with some well-deserved ice-cream. For example, if you like Bailey’s, then you might like to try out Mudslide. Our selection of margaritas won’t leave you wishing for other drinks, either. Whether you combine them with tropical fruit, such as pineapples, or prefer the standard strawberry or melon flavor, we have it all.

But don’t forget the most typical Mexican drink of all: tequila. We serve our tequila with fresh lime juice and agave nectar in our Diablo Mojito, but you can also try our combination of silver tequila, lime juice, and grapefruit orange with the Cantarito.