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5 Reasons to Love Tacos More Than Ever


Tacos are one of the most popular foods at every Mexican restaurant, and for good reasons. At Agave, we love tacos, and our guests do, too. We can think of 5 reasons why tacos are the perfect food, but there are probably others, too. Of course, you don’t need a reason to eat tacos. Since they’re great for snacking, you don’t even have to be very hungry to enjoy them.

You Can Have Them for Breakfast

Most foods are either breakfast, dinner, or snack foods. For example, if you ordered fajitas or a big hamburger for breakfast, it would be a little odd. These dishes are also too filling to be served as a snack. Tacos are different. A breakfast taco will most certainly include eggs while the tacos you’re having for dinner will be filled with meat and beans.

If you love tacos, you don’t have to wait until you’re ravenous to eat them. You don’t even have to wait until lunchtime. In fact, if you wanted to, you could have tacos at every meal without getting bored with them since no two tacos need to be the same. Just order a different kind of taco each time and enjoy!

Adjustable Portions

One of the biggest concerns of restaurants is determining proper portion sizes. A hungry diner will appreciate having more of the same delicious food, so big portions are great. However, many people are concerned with their health and prefer to eat smaller meals. Fortunately, tacos can fulfill the needs of everyone.

It’s easy to adjust your portions with tacos. You can eat one or two or a dozen. That means they’re great for a quick snack or a full meal. And if you’re concerned about reducing your carb intake, you can stuff your tacos with more meat and vegetables and eat fewer of them. If you’d rather eat less meat, your tacos can be slimmer, and you can eat an extra one. Alternatively, you could substitute beans for meat and add more vegetables. The options are endless.

Endless Variations

Everyone knows what a taco is, yet they’re not easily defined. Tacos are one of the best Mexican foods at all times, because they come in endless varieties. It’s the perfect food for families with picky eaters, because you can stuff your taco the way you want. It also gives vegetarians and meat lovers the option to order the same dish and still not violate their preferred style of eating.

Here are some typical toppings for tacos:

  • Beef, chicken, shredded beef, pork
  • Beans, rice
  • Lettuce, tomatoes, avocado
  • Salsa, sauces, guacamole, sour cream

This list is by no means exclusive. Our chefs at Agave Mexican Restaurant can prepare a wide variety of styles. Whether you prefer spicy or bland, meaty or vegetarian, we have the perfect taco for you.

There Is Always More Than One

Everyone has a favorite dish. But as much as we enjoy eating a great burrito for dinner, we love that there’s always more than one taco on your plate. You get to enjoy the taco from start to finish without worrying that dinner is over. Take your time and add all the toppings you want, and then savor the flavors.

There is only one downside to having several tacos on your plate: you may feel compelled to share them with whoever is in your company. If they eat too many of your tacos, we recommend ordering more. You can always take them home and have them for breakfast the next day – egg or no egg; we won’t tell anyone that it wasn’t a breakfast taco.

Healthy & Delicious

Tacos are the best food because they’re not only delicious but they’re also healthy. Served with plenty of meat, beans, and fresh vegetables, you’re getting lots of important vitamins and minerals in one meal. You can even adjust your portions to meet your dietary requirements by adding extra veggies. When served with avocado, your meal has become even more nutritious because avocado contains healthy fats that keep your body slim.

There is one other bonus reason for eating tacos: it can get messy. While it’s not fun to drop guacamole on your own shirt, it can be enjoyable to watch someone who’s never eaten a taco give it a try. If nothing else, eating tacos may give you a reason to buy new clothes or come in something comfortable for a change. And you can’t take yourself too seriously when you’re holding a taco, either.